Jack Miller
382 Waterloo St.
Inside Central YMCA London , Ontario
N6B 2N8
Phone: 519-858-2931
Fax: 519 858-8154
Email: jack@mulliganconcept.ca
Website: http://www.mulliganconcept.ca

Jack completed his Manipulative Therapy specialty in New Zealand in 1984. He has practiced in London since 1986 and teaches specialty post-graduate courses for Physiotherapists throughout Canada and the USA. In 2008 Jack completed a Masters of Clinical Science at UWO in the specialty area of Manipulative Therapy. Most recently Jack has graduated from the University of St. Augustine with a Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) focusing on advanced practice Physiotherapy. Jack is on faculty at Western Toronto and McMaster Universities holding Associate Clinical Professor status. Jack served on the executive of CAMPT for 6 years.

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