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No, only some physiotherapists in Canada are CAMPT-Certified physiotherapists. CAMPT-Certified physiotherapists are those who earn their FCAMPT designation by completing an internationally accredited physiotherapy education program beyond the core university education required to become a physiotherapist in Canada.

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FCAMPT training improves the physiotherapists ability to:

  1. Identify, understand and treat a wide range of injuries and diseases.
  2. To use hands-on assessment and treatment techniques which can improve accuracy and results.
  3. To integrate research into assessment and treatment making treatment and results more consistent.
  4. To think globally about injuries including what it does to function AND the impact on daily life. This means not just walking, driving and sleeping – but how it impacts family, work, financial income, hobbies, social and public responsibilities, emotions, relationships, stress… and more.
  5. Think globally about diseases not just be focused on what hurts, but what led to the pain, what healing and recovery can be expected, how long healing will take, what the impact will be long term on joints, nerves, organs, balance, coordination, medications… and more.
  6. To perform joint manipulations as a treatment technique.